0004 available now on TendancesF&Y compilation.

BADENPROJEKT is a French musical collaboration between Otter and Dvn which took shape at the university in 2006.

These two young fellas started to share a common interest in electronic music around many whiskies and cigarettes, spinning some records for the student radio and local gigs.

Both belong to the cross-over generation, digging a wide range of artists and styles (far away from the Techno landscape!), and flirting with hardware and software.

Their DJ sets don’t retreat into one genre, but are layered with ambient, minimal, noise and techno.
The style of the duo can be defined as a diving into experimental, trippy sounds and subtle hypnotic minimal with a forward-looking approach.

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Our track 0004 on Tendances f&y compilation

Out soon on the 2010 Tendances F&Y compilation.